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    Dorian Deployment Update

      Deployment item posted on : Friday August 30th 2019

    We are expecting to deploy a significant amount of adjusters so make sure to be prepared! Our managers have begun to make deployment calls and will continue to do so over the next couple of days.

    Seibels St Johns, Seibels Centauri, Seibels Gulfstream, Universal, and ICAT all have great fee schedules and are expecting a large amount of claims!

    As the storm continues to develop, we will have a better idea just how many adjusters we need, but in the meantime please make sure you are taking care of housekeeping items such as Xactimate, licensing, etc…

    We are excited to see y’all out there!

    Check below for an update from Mike’s Weather Page – Spaghetti Models for Hurricane Dorian!

    5pm NHC update and track: Still expected to be a major Hurricane nearing landfall at 130mph. Still uncertainty in the 4/5 day tracks. Still turn west coming and turn north after. Still timing of the turn is the big question. Can’t focus on any one particular model this far. They are possible thus the wider cone by the NHC. Not an easy forecast to nail down right now.


    Afternoon spaghetti models: Eventual turn west towards northern Bahamas and Florida. Eventual slowdown. Eventual turn northward. Big questions on this turn. It can change so much and who gets what. Thinking is getting clearer. Just need a little more time to tighten these models up. Florida impacts start Sunday it appears… landfall ranging from Sunday night to Monday. Huge rain event as this slows. Huge 130mph winds predicted by the NHC on approach.


    Tropical Storm Dorian Standby List Update

      Deployment item posted on : Wednesday August 28th 2019

    Compass Adjusting Services has activated our field adjuster standby list for Tropical Storm Dorian.  Things should start taking shape over the course of the next few days.

    If you are available for field deployment and have a current Florida license, please go to our website and sign-up on our “Tropical Storm Dorian” standby list.

    Click to sign up:

    *If you have any questions, please email [email protected]*

    Here is an update from Mike’s Weather Page – Spaghetti Models:


    Dorian is strengthening. Hurricane Warnings now for the Virgin Islands and surrounding areas. Major Hurricane on final approach to possibly Florida. Slight slowdown on final approach. Eventual curve back to the north coming. Possible crossover into the Gulf first. Dorian should get wider over the moist Atlantic. North of landfall gets the worst rains/surge. If crosses into the Gulf south of exit gets worst rains/surge. LOTS to watch the next couple days.

    dorian blog1

    NACA Spring Mixer 2019

      Deployment item posted on : Tuesday March 26th 2019
    Compass Adjusting Services is excited to be attending the NACA Spring Mixer 2019! Meet us at the Sports & Social Bar in Texas Live! in Arlington following the NFIP flood class. There will be drinks, networking, games, and more!
    Come out and meet the employees of Compass for a fun night!
    For more details, go to:
    NACA Mixer Final - Made with PosterMyWall

    2018 TWIA / TFPA Certification and RMS Requirement

      Deployment item posted on : Tuesday April 3rd 2018


    TWIA is now requiring all adjusters and reviewers to register with their new Resource Management System (RMS).

    TWIA’s new Resource Management System (RMS) has just been launched. Below is some important information regarding your eligibility to receive claims in 2019:


    • You must complete the training by December 31, 2018, or you will not be eligible for daily or hail claims for TWIA in 2019
    • You must complete the training by February 1, 2019, or you will not be eligible for hurricane claims for TWIA in 2019


    Requirements for 2019 Field Adjuster Certification in the RMS are below:


    1. Every adjuster must be enrolled in the RMS.
    2. Every adjuster must upload a copy of their current Texas Adjuster’s license through the license upload module in the RMS.
    3. Every adjuster must complete one of the following:
      1. 2018 Residential Field Certification through 2021 Training (this is the website used in previous years for certifications) – This will be verified externally and indicated in the RMS
      2. Attending the 2018 TWIA Adjuster Conference – all sessions (July conference in Austin) – This will be verified externally and indicated in the RMS
      3. 2018 Residential Field Course through the RMS (New training course through Adobe/RMS) – Any adjuster who did not obtain the 2018 certification through com or did not attend the 2018 TWIA Adjuster Conference must complete this training course in the RMS.


    You can access the RMS system through our unique URL below.

    Profile Name: Compass Adjusting Services
    Unique URL:

    For help navigating the system, please view the following video which provides you a brief demonstration of the RMS including the registration process and how to enroll in certifications.

    Click here:




    Below is the information for TWIA certification.



    We’re excited to announce that 2021Training has just released the following online 2018 TWIA and TFPA Certification courses.

    • 2018 TWIA/TFPA Residential Field Adjuster Certification
    • 2018 TWIA Commercial Field Adjuster Certification
    • 2018 TWIA/TFPA Desk Examiner Certification

    2021 Training is the exclusive online provider of TWIA and TFPA certifications.

    Remember that your certifications are valid for 365 days from course completion.

    In order to be certified to adjust commercial claims for TWIA, you must obtain the residential adjuster certification first.

    The certification classes are online and can be taken on your own schedule.  They’re available immediately after you enroll and can be accessed 24/7.  There’s no travel expense or time away from work.

    Go here for more info and to sign up:

    As soon as you enroll, you’ll be sent an immediate email with login information to the online classroom.

    You will be instructed at the tail-end of the course to go to their “Profile” screen located inside the online classroom where there will be a dropdown box with all the IA firms listed there in alpha order – please choose Compass

    We wish you a productive year.


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