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    Hurricane Deployment   News item posted on : Tuesday July 28th 2020

    Are you looking to be deployed for a hurricane? After all, 2020 has already surpassed the average number of “named” storms.

    To be deployed with Compass Adjusting, you MUST be signed up on our roster, Compass Connect.

    Our management and recruiting team use Compass Connect to filter through potential staff to be deployed. If you’re not in Connect, it’s not too late! You can sign up here: Compass Connect Roster !

    If you were previously on our roster through ComTrak but have never signed up through Compass Connect, you will need to sign up again through the above link. It only takes a few minutes.

    If you have any questions, you can email [email protected]!

    Douglas, Hanna + Gonzalo   News item posted on : Friday July 24th 2020

    2020 is continuing its unpredictable streak.

    Compass Adjusting is continuing to monitor Douglas, Hanna and Gonzalo. These storms are developing and we are watching. Continue checking social media and your emails to stay the most up to date on potential deployment opportunities.

    Hanna and Gonzalo




    Monitor these storms with us by visiting:

    Hurricane Emergency Kit   News item posted on : Thursday June 25th 2020

    Wondering what should be in your basic hurricane emergency kit? put together a list to help you out with one aspect of hurricane prep.

    ATLANTIC OCEAN - AUGUST 18: In this satellite image handout from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Hurricane Bill is seen August 18, 2009 in the Atlantic Ocean. According to NOAA, Bill, the first hurricane of the 2009 Atlantic hurricane season, is a category 2 strength storm and is expected to intensify. Bill is continuing to move west-northwestward across the Atlantic, but there is uncertainty whether it will landfall in the northeast by Sunday. (Photo by NOAA via Getty Images)

    Below is a list of items that should be in your kit:
    • Water (one gallon per person per day for at least three days, for drinking and sanitation)
    • Food (at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food)
    • Battery-powered or hand crank radio and a NOAA Weather Radio with tone alert
    • Flashlight
    • First aid kit
    • Extra batteries
    • Whistle (to signal for help)
    • Dust mask (to help filter contaminated air)
    • Plastic sheeting and duct tape (to shelter in place)
    • Moist towelettes, garbage bags and plastic ties (for personal sanitation)
    • Wrench or pliers (to turn off utilities)
    • Manual can opener (for food)
    • Local maps
    • Cell phone with chargers and a backup battery

    For quick and easy accessibility, put your emergency kit items in a plastic bin or duffel bags. You don’t want to be running around in a panic when the hurricane hits. You’ll be able to grab one or two large items instead of wondering where you placed the small items.

    For more info regarding items you will need and those you can live without for hurricane season, you can visit:


    GET TWIA CERTIFIED   News item posted on : Thursday June 4th 2020


    We are continuing to prepare for the 2020 Hurricane Season. TWIA (Texas Windstorm Insurance Association) has a large amount of Texas exposure. If you do not have a TWIA certification, you cannot handle any TWIA claims.

    Compass has acquired more seats in TWIA’s RMS (Resource Management System) . The certification for new adjusters is just $35.

    If you are interested in becoming TWIA certified through Compass Adjusting Services, please sign up on our sign up sheet at (under All Active Standby Lists). These seats are first come, first serve.

    If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

    JUNE 1: Hurricane Season Officially Begins   News item posted on : Tuesday May 19th 2020

    hurricane season 2020

    Does your Compass Connect profile say “100% Complete?”

    If not, what are you missing? Headshot? Updated licenses/certifications?

    Visit and complete your profile!

    Stand Out From The Crowd: Compass Level 1 Certification is Now Open!   News item posted on : Wednesday May 6th 2020

    Compass Level 1 Certification

    Are you looking to catch the attention of Compass Field Managers and Recruiters?

    Are you looking to get your foot in the door and show your expertise and capabilities?

    Are you looking to get deployed with Compass?


    Compass Adjusting Services has come out with a new training module – Compass Level 1! This certification is a basic skills test and is a great way to showcase your skills and set yourself apart from other adjusters!


    You can take the test NOW (for free!)Compass Level 1 Certification Test

    This basic skills test takes about 45 minutes-1 hour to complete and consists of 20 questions. An active Xactimate will be needed to sketch and answer a few questions.

    After you complete the test, you will get an automatic score and certificate.

    Make sure to upload your new Compass Level 1 Certification to your Compass Connect profile so that you stand out from the roster!


    Register to be on our roster:

    If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

    Mother Nature Doesn’t Stop. Neither Do We.   News item posted on : Monday March 23rd 2020

    mother nature

    Compass Adjusting Services understands that the continued spread of the Coronavirus is generating concern and uncertainty for many. We are continuing to monitor the advice and bulletins of national, state and local health officials on all medical issues and to implement precautionary measures.

    Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, many companies are forced to adjust their average day-to-day operations.

    Compass Adjusting has made these adjustments and is continuing to be fully operational. We are continuing to research claim handling solutions to keep everyone involved in the claim cycle healthy and safe.


    Compass Adjusting Frequently Asked Questions   News item posted on : Tuesday March 3rd 2020

    Getting Started With Compass

    1. How do I become a Compass Adjuster? You will need to sign up on Compass Connect which will add you to our Roster.
    1. Once on Compass’ Roster, how do I receive communications? You will receive all correspondence by email and text in our new system. Please make sure email and phone numbers are up to date.
    1. Do I need experience to work claims with Compass? At most, clients would like at least 2 years worth of adjusting experience, please make sure and add not only the years but how many claims you have worked under the perils section.
    1. What certifications will be needed to work with Compass? This will vary based on what the carrier recommends we do to work their claims. We will send out information regarding this pre-deployments. Please update your profile with any and all certs you have received in the past with prior firms / carriers.
    1. Do I need an adjuster license to work claims? Yes you do, in the more licenses that you acquire the higher the chances are for you to deployed. You can obtain licenses from state specific sites, NIPR and Sircon. Again, please update your profile with any and all licenses you have.
    1. What estimating software do I need to work claims? The majority of our clients will require you to work with Xactimate estimating software. However, in a case where the client needs another estimating software, please add to your profile any additional estimating software you have used in the past.


    Work Requirements

    1. How to stay active on Compass Roster? Remaining active on our roster is easy. Following the tips below will ensure you remain active in our system:
    • Respond to our communications (texts, voicemail messages and emails) in a timely manner and provide us with the information and/or documents that we’re requesting. If we’re requesting information from you, it’s because we need it in order for us to consider you further for opportunities. If you fail to respond to us in a timely manner or fail to provide us with requested information, we’ll have no choice but to mark your profile inactive.
    • Keep your profile updated. Be sure to keep us informed when you obtain new licenses, certifications, training or skills. This will help us in determining which positions you’re qualified for as assignments arise.


    1. How will I be updated on possible deployments with Compass?

    Deployments and updates will vary depending on the assignment:

    • When dealing with Catastrophe claims, these will come via email, phone calls and/or text messages. You may also see these deployments on social media.
    • For Daily work, you will receive emails, phone calls and also on all social media accounts.


    When Deployed

    1. When deployed, what equipment will I need? In order to work field property claims, you will need a laptop, camera, ladder and all tools to properly inspect a home. Your profile will you allow you to add what size ladder you currently have. It will also allow you to let us know how steep of a roof you are comfortable on. Please make sure this section is update to date.
    1. How long are deployments with Compass? Due to the unpredictable nature of this business, we cannot always guarantee the duration of a field or in-office deployment. Once on-site of the deployed area, more information will be given to help give a better understanding of the damages and claim volume.
    1. Who is responsible for expenses when deployed? When you are deployed with Compass, you will be responsible for all of your expenses. We do not arrange for travel or any hotel accommodations. You will be out of pocket for all expenses.


    Compass Connect Site

    1. How do I create a new profile on the Compass Site? is the link to register on our Roster. Once you have clicked on the Compass Connect link, there is a Register button in the top right-hand corner. Please click to move forward. You can register on our new site by email, Facebook, Google or LinkedIn. You will then need to create your password.
    1. Now that I am at the Registration screen, what next? Once you are at your profile screen, you will need to start to fill out each section to the full extent of your knowledge.

    Please note: If you are an induvial working as a 1099 or a Business entity it will also ask what positions you are applying for as well as personal info and Xactnet address.

    1. What information is needed for Professional Skills? Please make sure and add all prior work experiences including but not limited to Commercial and Property work:
      • Add all the years you have been in that position.
      • Add all software skills and equipment.
      • When you get to the adjuster expertise section, this is very important!!! Please make sure and add all the claims that you have worked in the past.

    – Example (Hail claims – 1000). Fill this out through its entirety as this is crucial for future deployments.

    • Finally, “how far are you willing to travel (one way) to accept claims?”
    1. Licenses, Certifications and Resumes. This portion of your profile is also very important. Please fill out and add all licenses you currently have. We will use this for deployments in these states. You will also do the same in the certification section. If you have a certification that isn’t listed for some reason, just let us know and we will get it added. There is also a section to add your resume, please add this as well.
    1. How do I know if my profile is completed? Once you fill out the profile, professional skills, licenses, certification and resumes sections you will see a box at the bottom right hand corner that asks you to acknowledge that all the info is correct. Please check that box and click register next to it to finalize. You will receive an email that has activation details to activate your new profile account. You will also be asked for a phone confirmation, please add your mobile number and the system will send you a text with a specific code to activate future text messages from Compass.
    • Please note that your account will be active once you complete the email and text portion. These are both a must to complete your profile.

    NEW ADJUSTER PORTAL – MUST REGISTER TO RECEIVE CLAIMS   News item posted on : Tuesday February 18th 2020

    Compass Adjusting Services has a new adjuster portal called Compass Connect. You should be receiving emails from our team about how to set up your profile. It’s crucial you read these emails as there are directions on how to register.

    In order to remain and be added to our roster: EVERYONE MUST REGISTER at

    You cannot use usernames/passwords from any other site to login, this is a brand new site. Both new and current Compass team members must go through the “Register” link at the top right corner next to “Login” at the link provided above.

    We appreciate your patience as we transfer to this new database! In time, we think you will find it to be beneficial for all users.